The Spagyric Method


At Houston Hemp Co. we apply our experience and holistic approach, coupled with scientific knowledge, to create the widest-spectrum cannabidiol CBD enriched extract on the market. This means that we use the whole hemp plant, retaining all of the hemp’s naturally occurring beneficial  compounds

We begin with organically grown hemp. This ensures a rich mineral content to increase the nutritive value of our extract, as well as creating the cleanest possible product. This is especially important in creating CBD-enriched extracts because the same process that concentrates these target therapeutics can also concentrate any pesticides that may be present in the starting material.

Next, we extract a wide spectrum of the hemp therapeutics, including the many cannabinoids and valuable terpenes, using sugar cane alcohol. We keep this process below 100 F° to protect the delicate constituents. This also ensures that not all of our cannabinoid acids are decarboxylated.

In a process that adapts the ancient wisdom of alchemy and marries it to modern chemistry practices, we then run a second extraction that targets the rare earth mineral salt content that was bound up in the plant’s matrix. These rare earth mineral salts are then added back into the final extract. This completes what we term the spagyric process.

This special spagyric process makes our extracts incredibly bioavailable and nutritive. We believe that by mimicking the natural biochemistry of the plant as closely as possible and processing gently, we can preserve all of the plant's valuable therapeutic constituents.

We base this alchemical practice on internal experimentation and peer-reviewed literature published by reputable scientists and institutions.