Houston Hemp Company is a grassroots business founded by two friends who had busy lifestyles with poor health habits. After googling endlessly, they came to the conclusion that many wellness products have a mixture of good and bad ingredients. That ultimately showed zero health improvements. This was a major turning point for the future of what is now, Houston Hemp Company discovering these results led them to explore what is known as alternative healing. During this journey, they fell in love with the strong sense of connection between hemp and health. After working with one of the best cultivation farms in the country they formulated an all-natural hemp oil. Our products are a direct result of the power from science and Mother Nature perfectly pairing to promote less stress, beautiful skin, and a healthier body.

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Our process of extraction is a little different from others. We reintroduce the plant 's natural minerals and salts into the extracted oil. This accomplishes two objectives, it creates synergy in our final product by combining the plant’s own minerals back into the extracted oils and it neutralizes the carboxylic acids of the plant. In simple words, through our extraction process we are able to keep all the acids, oils, and minerals the plant originally produced, but in a more potent and purified form. This process does not only ensure that the highest potency in CBD, but it also guarantees that CBD your ingesting completely natural free of chemicals.

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